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Passport Not fit for purpose
I have a new British passport, issued under my new name after I changed my name via deed poll. The passport is not fit for purpose as it has come to my attention that embedded into it is all my private data, so when I travel anywhere I am immediately arrested/detained/interviewed/deported, which has happened twice in less than 24 hours. As soon as my passport goes into the scanner, my previous history of name changes is linked and I have had 4 changes of name over 20 years. As soon as any country sees this, I am getting red flagged by all immigration offices and taken aside as a suspicious person, just been arrested in KL. By embedding all my personal data of name changes into the passport I have a document issued by the British passport office that I can not use, I can not travel anywhere without being arrested ! The fact I have legally changed my name should not prevent me from travelling without getting arrested. What is my legal position ??? can I ask the passport office to issue a new passport and not embed my history of name changes ??? if not how can I travel without getting arrested at entry everywhere I go ???
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