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posted 3 years ago
My .eu domain name was stolen. What are my options?
I own a company in a small European country, with a simple name, say Generic, Pvt. Ltd. For years, I've had the domain generic. EU. However, I forgot to change my owner's email address for generic.EU - and this email was expired later. Recently, someone from a neighboring country acquired the expired email and gained control of generic.EU on EURid, thereby grabbing the domain transfer code, and ultimately transferring the domain to himself, with a different registrar. Are his actions legal? Since my company name is Generic, Pvt ltd, therefore "generic" is my trademark and I have a right to generic.EU correct, especially since I have owned the domain for many years. How do I get my domain back? Can I make a claim for compensation for business lost due to this illegal grab of my domain?"
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posted 3 years ago
Since 2006 the Czech Arbitration Court (Arbitration Court attached to the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Agricultural Chamber of the Czech Republic) has been operating as the dispute resolution provider for .eu domain names. The procedure is conducted by email and there is no requirement to travel. Moreover, there are no in-person hearings (entirely in writing). You should prove that you have a prior right (for instance, you have a trademark, trade name, company name, family name, etc. that is identical or confusingly similar to the domain name) in the domain and the current holder had no rights.