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Miss Maria baker
Driveway school run parents parking on driveway told them not to park on my driveway also complained to the school and high way police it's been ongoing three years in this time I have been subject to by nabours and parents it went personal verbal and viscal attacks behaviour putting a shed on the boundary of my property garden I have had glass and Tyler and rubbish thrown across my driveway I have had a trasit van the nabours granson drive onto the footpath towards me hooting his horn for me to move tried to frighten me it's been reported to the police I have had defamation gossip hate and intimadation bulling they have tried everything I have informed the antie social behaviour team my MP of Wolverhampton I have had a two solicitor to send warning letters to two of the nabours I been to to egnor the people caseing the proplem and they are trying to park on my driveway even yesterday I have reported to the police the police have a public order offence on two parents shouting verbal abuse at me in the street I have CCTV camera system and the footage is going to the police and they have got to find out who they are and the car investigation I have tried to explain everything any solicitor would be legal aid I am on benefits
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