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posted 2 years ago
Miss Allen Geldenhuys
Renting of a house We rented a house about 5months ago. We paid te dep in full, my husband works for himself as a boilermaker contractor. He got hurt at work, he broke something close to his spinal cord and also his heal. He is walking with backsupport, moonboot and crutches. He is not aloud to work for 6 t 8 weaks, I have medical records. Due to not working there is no money coming in. We didn't pay one month's rent, so the owner told us he is going to take the dep for the rent and gives us one weeks notice. I have asked for another week, we're they replied.... It's not going to work, you must be out on Saturday the 30th other people are moving in on the 1st. We have no where to go, my husband is not fully mobile yet, the Dr said if anything should go wrong he could get paralyzed. What should we do. Please help. Regards Allen
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