posted 2 years ago
Liquidation process in Italy
Dear Italian colleagues. There is a contract between the Emirati client and an Italian company to repair and maintain three aircraft in Rome-Italy. However, the jurisdiction and the applicable law are both set for England and Wales, we realised that the Italian party got bankrupt several months ago and is in the process of liquidation. Furthermore, the client believes the Italian party cheated them and there is a strong possibility of a criminal case against them. I appreciate if any of my Italian colleagues have a free slot to go through the case and advise about the next steps. The client prefers a fixed price package for any further legal actions.
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posted 2 years ago
In general in liquidation of a Company all the Creditors dues will be settled first and hence please contact with the official liquidator appointed for the company.
Dear collegue, If the company went bankrupt the only way to get your money back is to present (and deposit) a document where you ask to submit your credit to the passive of the procedure in order to be restored. Obviously, this should be valuated by a responsible party which, in this case, whoul be the "curator" of the procedure itself. Apart from this, from a criminal law point of view, you could also present a fraud report in order to be defended in both areas. I would be pleased to explain you more, if that would be necessary. I attach you my website link