posted 9 months ago
Lending issued blank check with my signature
Hi! I borrowed money (10,000) from a lending company here in saudi arabia. In top of that I will pay 1500 riyals for 12 months. Total of 18,000. I issued 12 blank checks with my signature knowing that the lending company will deposit the check every month with an amount of 1500. But the company did not deposit my check for 4 months, instead he deposited the check with the amount of 6,000... But I just maintained 1500 balance in my account until such he deposit the check. And now he reported that I am in default of payment and he doubled the amount and make 36,000 and filed a case against me in MOJ and issued a travel ban against me. Please tell me what shall I do on my case. Thank you Regards, RLA
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posted 8 months ago
lets we discuss further details, I can help you.
posted 9 months ago
Contest case