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posted 9 months ago
Legal requirements of getting British citizenship for a US citizen
I'm a US citizen living in the UK since 2006. I'd actually like to renounce my citizenship, but 1) it's $2350 (and I know there are pending lawsuits against the expense) and 2) I'm disabled and housebound. When I contacted the embassy about renunciation, I was told that I MUST attend in person because it's a legal requirement, so that no reasonable adjustments could be made. This is absolutely not possible for me. I feel like this is discriminatory against disabled people, and wondering if there was a legal case to be made about this. In an age where remote meetings are commonplace, and I can post my passport to the embassy, and they can clearly check my face against that ID in an online meeting, I will have to spend the rest of my life filing US tax returns and giving them a portion of my income if I exceed the foreign earned income exclusion. I feel like I should be able to choose my citizenship whether or not I'm medically fit to leave my property.
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