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posted 3 years ago
Legal Issues of publishing a book on software?
I'd like to learn the process of publishing a book on Software that I didn't produce. I am able to get the book printed, bound, and put on the market, however, I am concerned about the possible legal challenges. For instance, there are plenty of books written on how to use Excel, SQL Server, Windows, and they include screenshots from their respective software. Let's say I wanted to publish a book on Windows 10 and sell it publicly with an ISBN (barcode), is this legal? I own a legal copy of the software with valid licenses, so I don't see why not. Do I need to get written permission from Microsoft to use screenshots from their software? Can I reference a solution on SuperUser in a book? I'm all about giving credit, but not sure how to do this properly. What about proprietary Enterprise software that I purchased? As of right now, I just have the book printed with coil binding, and selling it without an ISBN on the side."
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