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posted 2 months ago
Legal immigration
Hello, I am an Iranian citizen, is there any way I can immigrate to the United States completely legally? For example, if I have IELTS 8 and have an internationally published academic paper, Will a university in US be willing to fund my living expenses to continue researching and writing papers? Is it possible to get permanent residence through university support and being a researcher? Considering that the process may take several months and that you can only bring one month's money with you, will the government or the university provide support in these few months? This was just an example. Is there a way for me to get permanent residence legally?
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posted 2 months ago
Hi, I would be able to offer legal advise upon obtaining responses to the following inquiries: 1) What is your academic specialization? 2) How many scholarly articles have you authored or co-authored? 3) How many citations your articles have received? 4) Have you presented your research at international conferences? 5) How many years of experience do you have? and can you provide an overview of your professional background or your CV? Looking forward to hearing from you, Thank you.