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legal aspects of playing gmes
Good evening, I reside in New York City, USA. Below is my case synopsis. Me and my wife signed up for a texted base game roughly 3 months ago and played by the game rules. The game stated it’s not allowed for one person to play two accounts but people in same household playing the game is allowed. On august 25th, the game staffs banned me and my wife stating my wife is the only person playing two accounts and refused to believe in my existence and ignored my explanation. We provided our subscription transactions with our bank accounts respectively but they still refused to release my account. Now my account is marked for deletion and my wife will be able to return to game in two days. My concern is, I want to prove to them that I am a real person playing and let them admit they made a wrong decision banning me permanently regardless of compensating me or not. I am unclear of what law firm should I look into so I just chose the option of sending a message through here. Thank you.
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