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posted 5 months ago
legal action against European company for wrongful dismissal and harassment?
I was laid off due to down sizing and before the exit period could finish I was informed that I will have to leave early due to problems they identified in my performance. I was told that the company made the decision that I will not get the severance communicated to me earlier. They did not mention what the problems were and did not really give me a chance to respond. When I questioned the reason I was told that the lawyer has asked them not to respond.
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posted 4 months ago
yes you have right to access why they dismissed. if any queries not hesitate to connect me. Ch Zaka u Rehman Naul OFFICE: Executive Floor, Sadiq Plaza, The Mall, Lahore Mobile: 0308-6617914 Nationality: Pakistani Email: [email protected]
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posted 5 months ago
Which country were you employed in? Without this it is next to impossible to give specific advice, please let me know which European country is that?