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lease agreement.
I am a 21 year old university student living in Turkey. I will be doing my internship in Göttingen, Germany in June 2022 so I needed a place to stay there. So I found an apartment via wg-gesucht app. After paying the necessary deposit and the first month's rent to the owner of the house, I signed the lease. However, after about 10 days, he told me that he needed money, so I had to send him 3 months' rent money. However, according to the contract I signed, I did not accept this contract, so I said that I wanted to cancel the contract. He agreed and said he would send my money back by the end of the week, but he didn't. I also sent him an e-mail regarding this matter, but he is not returning my e-mails. I have an ID card and a lease agreement. I wanted to ask your opinion on what I can do about it..
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In an agreement both the parties have to sign along with an witness and the same agreement should be registered by paying necessary stamp duty as per the applicability at a registered Notary appointed by the court