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posted 3 years ago
Landlord Asking Me to Pay for Weather Damage
I live in an old building and a few weeks ago we had a bad storm. I was not home at the time but the wind caught one of my windows and ripped it off, shattering the window. On my most recent utility bill, my landlord asked me to pay for the damages to the windows. Do I have good reason to deny this request? If so, what's the best way to do that? Can he claim that I was “negligent” in not locking my window?
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posted 3 years ago
Landlords cannot threaten to withhold your deposit to pay for storm damage. Security deposits are intended to cover things within the tenant's responsibility, such as cleaning costs, unpaid rent or fixing damage beyond normal wear and tear, but in your case, it's an act of God. You can apply to the provincial court if you believe the landlord should not keep the security deposit or depend on where you live, the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service may be available to you. Depending on the circumstances, the landlord may be committing an offence under the Residential Tenancies Act.