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Is this legal in India for an employer to take a bond and blank dated cheque?
Consider that an individual in India accepts a job offer from a software company. The company did not disclose the agreement to be signed before the first day of employment when they asked the employee to submit a blank dated cheque of INR 100,000 and a bond (on 100 INR stamp paper) which states that the employee would be under the training of six months and thereafter would have to work for the next 18 months. However, after joining, there was no training of any kind and the employee worked as a usual employee. After six months, the employee has decided to leave the company. The employee has talked to the CEO, and he has stated that the company is entitled to take legal action against the employee. What can the company do regarding the bond and cheque? Can the employee be sentenced to imprisonment if the cheque bounces? What actions can the company take against the employee and what can the employee do?
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