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posted 3 years ago
Is there a comprehensive web source for a list of european union protections against aggressive contracts?
I've been wondering if there's a website (or book or any other source) that catalogues additional protections that may invalidate some existing EULAs so that I can acquire a more comprehensive list of them instead of having to scavenge through legal documents from the EU to find them.
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posted 3 years ago
EULAs often take the form of shrink-wrap agreements, click-wrap agreements, web-wrap agreements. A shrink-wrap agreement is one bound up in a shrink-wrap cover, which is accepted by the user when he or she opens the cover; a click-wrap agreement is one which must be accepted (e.g by clicking an "I agree" button) before software is used; and a web-wrap agreement is a form of click-wrap agreement where acceptance is given via the internet. According to UK reports "Britain's National Consumer Council has completed an investigation into the practice of software End User License Agreements(EULAs) with the conclusion that many consumers are signing away their legal rights and agreeing to unfair terms, which they could never have scrutinized before purchase. The report also acknowledges that even if the EULA were available prior to purchase, it would be unreasonable to expect an average consumer to understand the terms to which they were agreeing. For more information you can check this file