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posted 9 months ago
Is a work visa issued to Iranians in America?
Is a work visa issued to Iranians in America? I have ten years of work experience in the field of health and safety and a master's degree in industrial safety from Iran. I want to get a work visa for America. If anyone can please help me.
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posted 9 months ago
Hello, You will need to get a job offer. At this current time there is plenty of jobs available but it depends on the city you want to go to. The H-1B Visa is an immigrant visa that permits foreign nationals to go to the USA and work for American companies. Candidates applying for jobs in the USA must get a job offer from one of the US-based companies and must work in a field that demands specialized knowledge and skills. It seems you can qualify with your degree (education) and your work experience. If you would like any other information you can go to my website at Regards, Kam Singh Attorney at Law