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Iranian common-law partners proof to Canada
Based on Canada's immigration law about bringing common-law partners to their country, there are three types of evidence that providing two of them is enough to prove the relationship is eligible: • Joint ownership of residential property or joint residential leases or joint rental agreements listing both the sponsor and the principal applicant; (Minimum 1 document). • Proof of joint utilities accounts (electricity, gas, telephone); (Minimum 1 document). • Important documents for you and your sponsor showing the same address, such as copies of Government issued identification documents: driver's licenses, insurance policies, etc. (Minimum 1 document). Same address "electronically linked" to both partners' identity cards (I mean there is no address written on Iran's government issued identifications) and a registering joint bank account is possible for us. Is it enough? Also, as far as I know, utility bills in Iran are registered to only one person. Is there any other proof we could offer other than home-joint-contracts-related things?
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-Any evidence of sharing household expenses such as bills paid by the partner -Receipts of purchases that have been done jointly especially household items like furniture, electronics, and appliances -A mail that has been addressed to both of you at the same address -Personal documents for both of you that indicate a shared address (for example; driver license, cell phone bills, pay stubs, tax forms, bank or credit card statements, insurance policies, etc) -Any other documents that can act as proof that you have been living together -Shared credit cards -A statutory declaration of a common law union (IMM 5409) Let me know if you have any further questions in the matter.