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posted 7 months ago
International dealing
I need a list of eligible countries and non-eligible countries for an international partnership offer, particularly in Central Asia since there may be countries that have not established a foreign economic policy.
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posted 6 months ago
When exploring international partnerships in Central Asia, it's important to consider the diplomatic relations each country has. Generally, countries with established foreign economic policies are more open to partnerships. Eligible Countries: 1. Kazakhstan 2. Uzbekistan 3. Kyrgyzstan 4. Tajikistan Non-Eligible Countries (may not have established foreign economic policies): 1. Turkmenistan 2. Afghanistan For countries not listed, it's recommended to research their specific foreign economic policies or consult with local experts for the most accurate information. Best of luck with your international endeavors! If you need more details or have other questions, feel free to ask.
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posted 7 months ago
It will be send to you. Send me your contact details. Thanks