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posted 10 months ago
Immigration of 2 (1 child) + 1 company
Dear Sir, Madam, We know of a mother and teenager child, who's biological father is of Antigua W.I. & still living there. (unfortunately with quite a few psychological issues, to put it mildly. There is no contact anymore between them after MANY times trying, but last life-threat was too much for the child, couldn't take it anymore) The mother was never married to this man & the child has lived with the mother his whole life in West-Europe. Now, the mother has started an online company which she would like to move abroad, to which the child agrees to. Is there a legal option for the mother to acquire Antiguan citizenship thróugh her underaged son, without the biological father having to be contacted? (The mother normally has all the necessary documents for proof) And hence obtain a new destination for the company and Antiguan T.I.N.? ...Withóut having to invest $100K ? Sincerely, With kind regards, Mieke
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