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posted 3 years ago
I Can't renounce my citizenship; can I apply for German citizenship?
I'm a Turkish citizen who has been studying in Germany since five years ago. Now, I want to obtain the citizenship of Germany, however, Germany doesn't allow me to have dual citizenship unless I have no other options. To do that, I want to renounce my Turkish citizenship but the government will require me to do my military service. My question is, in 3 years, I'll be able to apply for German citizenship, however, I won't be able to renounce my Turkish citizenship. Will the German government allow me to apply for German citizenship? Have there been similar cases before? If so, what was their result?
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posted 3 years ago
With accordance to Optionszwang law, Now dual citizens born in Germany may retain their dual citizenship permanently, if by their twenty-first birthday they have either lived eight years in Germany, attended school there for six years, or graduated from a German school or training program.68 Dual citizenship is, however, still proscribed for persons born outside of Germany, unless they fall into one of the previously-granted exemptions: EU and Swiss citizens, persons who cannot renounce citizenship, or for whom it would be a substantial problem. However, it is not applicable in your case where the candidate is born outside of Germany.