Nick Rick
posted a year ago
I am a writer,, Migration,, I am in Iran
I am a writer, my writings may be socail - critical and criticizing religion; I am in Iran, if I want to write and publish, I may be arrested and even executed. (Criticizing Islam and sacred things is a crime in Iran and some Islamic countries, the punishment may be death.) Is there a country where I can publish my writings in peace? A country where its people have an open mind so that I will not be attacked, A government that has freedom of speech and protects people. If I stay in Iran, my writings may never be published. If I make it public, at best I will be in prison or I will be killed by extremist people. If migration becomes possible, I cannot return to my origin country, it is a choice without return and it must work. How much money should I have so that I can live like a normal citizen, I don't want to live in a small town for refugees, I want to be in a city like the capital city, so that I can be safe.
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