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How to protect my authorial credit of a book chapter
As part of an internationally dispersed team, I have authored a text along with other authors which are meant to become a chapter of an academic book. My draft was lightly edited in the process of file exchanges whereby the author names were in evidence in the files under the title of the chapter. I have done this as an employee of organization A, among multiple organizations which contributed chapters to the book, as part of contract work with a customer organization B. However, organization B is taking a long time to publish the book. As far as I know, organization B could be editing the chapter substantially and deciding to remove my authorship as a result. It's difficult to tell also because the contract between organizations A and B has terminated, and as a result, I am also no longer an employee of organization A. What steps can I take to protect my authorial credit of the chapter in the book to be published and to protect myself from plagiarism if my authorship is not acknowledged in the book once published?
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