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How to make a simple static website with Google Analytics in full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation?
There is a very simple static website for commercial purposes. It has Google Analytics to count the number of visits with the default GA script placed in: It is the default script that google gives you for simple integration of GA in your website, and it's placed in the default place (header). Now it has a lower bar displaying this: This website uses 'cookies' for your navigation. By using our services you accept their use. If you want to restrict the use of cookies, click on More information. That bar includes two buttons, "Accept" and "More information". Accept simply hides the bar forever, and more information displays the legal information of the commerce and informs the users that it is using google analytics to track the visits and that Google Analytics uses cookies. Moreover, It indicates that they can remove the cookies and prevent the website from collecting cookies disabling it in the navigator, and gives the user some links with official help about how to disable and remove cookies for a website in four big navigators (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari). Are the aforementioned points sufficient for full compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation?
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