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posted a year ago
How to join my Italian boyfriend in California
Hi, I am an Italian data scientist. My boyfriend is Italian and works in Mountain View (California). I would like to join him and I would like to know what my options are. I would also like to understand the timing of the different processes. Thank you in advance, Francesca Collu
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posted a year ago
Dear Francesca, A citizen of a foreign country who wishes to travel to the United States generally must obtain a so-called "VISA". The VISA is placed in the traveler's passport or other appropriate travel document. In some cases, it is possible to travel without a VISA if certain requirements are met. Based on your place of residence, reason and duration of the trip, We can provide you with more information. Feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Sincerely, Cosimo
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posted a year ago
hello, to go from Italy to the United States (for tourism) you need an electronic passport - with an expiry after the date of return to Italy; return travel ticket (or exit from the USA if you move to another state, except Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean); then you need an ESTA, which replaces the expatriation visa for tourist or non-work travel. Find more information and costs on the website