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How to Get a Company Registration Certificate in Thailand?
The only method to get a Company Registration Certificate in Thailand is to proceed for company registration in Thailand. You will have to register your business in Thailand in accordance with the Foreign Business Act, if you are a foreigner. Let us briefly explain to you the process of Company Registration in Thailand. You have to follow the nation-specific procedures if you want to start a business in your home country or any other foreign country. It differs everywhere. However, there are some nations where the procedure is the same. The most important details to be aware of are generally as follows: - Preparing company name - Finding out if the name is available - Collect all relevant documents - Fill up form in designated offices - Submit all the forms and documents to the designated offices After you are through all the mentioned steps, you will be able to operate in Thailand. Henceforth, it is now that you will get your Company Registration Certificate in Thailand. The certificate will hold your business registration number through which the government will monitor your company. In due course of your business operation in Thailand, if you ever have to change your company’s name and/or address, you will have to visit the Department of Business Development for this. Henceforth, they will verify the authenticity of the reason for the change you are requesting for. Furthermore, they certify the change. However, you must ensure that your Company Registration Certificate gets updated with the new name and/or address.
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