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How do I apostle an original NYC birth certificate without Letter of Exemplification?
I have an original long-form New York City Birth Certificate issued by the NYC Department of Health in 2016 signed by a City Registrar needing apostille but missing a Letter of Exemplification. The website of the state of New York demonstrates that they require a Letter of Exemplification for all birth/death certificates, however, some Apostille agency websites indicate that they are able to apostille these certificates without exemplification. As far as I know, the only solution is re-ordering a new long-form certificate but they don't do that, so how do they obtain the exemplification? I previously did send a non-exemplified NYC death certificate to the NY Department of State for apostille and that was later rejected due to missing both the exemplification letter and county clerk's authentication. What is the special procedure to apostille this non-exemplified certificate?
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