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Hotel staff provided incorrect information that lead to $2,000 in travel
On our last day in Belize, we were figuring out our travel back home. We already had tickets for our travel. We had a Water Ferry scheduled (8:30am), followed by a flight that would take us home (same day at 2pm). Long story short, the front desk staff informed us that there were additional Water Ferry departures and we could leave a little later than our original 8:30 departure (they had said there was one leaving at 10am). When we showed up to the 10am ferry, we found out that was not the case, there was only a 8:30am and a 3:00pm ferry to our destination. They gave us the information for a different ferry ride that had a different drop off location; not the location I gave them. This caused us to miss our flight, which we had to purchase $1,600 worth of flight tickets, in addition to $400 on new water ferry tickets (plus other travel fees like taxi, baggage fees, etc.) The hotel is claiming no responsibility. Despite giving us wrong information, they are not taking any fault. They've tried to give me every and any reason to say I am at fault and have accepted no responsibility and believe they should not be liable for any compensation owed to us. Please help, any information is a huge help. It's a lot of money to be tossed away. And again, I am now at home in San Diego, they are in Belize, so its hard to fight this.
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