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Hiring Iranian Musicians for a US Based Business

Hello I need assistance regarding a business I wanted to start. Basically I wanted to hire people from all around the world to do 1 on 1 online music lessons. One of the countries that I have a lot of interest in is Persian/Iranian music and instruments. I was wondering would it be legal if I work with freelance art / music students that would teach music / singing / instruments to my students if they live in Iran or if they are Iranian?

The business will be U.S. based by any individual anywhere in the world with an internet connection can take classes and learn music. I was wondering if I can get legal help so I make sure I don't break any law and no issues are caused.

The main concern is with Iran and U.S relations being in its current stage and the sanctions regarding Iran. I can vet the instructors and get documents or certificates from them but many of them will be physically in Iran.

Thank you

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