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posted 2 years ago
Having a removal proceeding in United States
Hi my name is Lavardo max jenoure and Me and my family been through allot running from our country from danger and people after us , so we seek asylum but question is if I’m still in Canada and I was in United States for removal proceedings for my asylum case and my master calander hearing is November 16 2022 , so I wonder sense I’m on a PRRA and not asylum here in Canada if I could still return back to finish my case. And ice have me and ny family passport to
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posted 2 years ago
If USCIS issued you some sort of travel document that allowed you to legally leave the US, and ICE still has your passports, you are supposed to come back and attend your hearing. Without all the facts, that is just a guess. You need a one-on-one consultation with a US immigration attorney. About how to return, and how to prepare for your case. If you lose, most likely you may be subject to a return ban or voluntary departure. Either way, you will be deported with strings attached.