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Getting Birth Certificate in Dubai

I am an Indian national working here in Dubai Frm last 14 years.

I got married in India in 2017 but it was arrange marriage and it didn’t work so we separated same year only and we have divorce case pending in Indian court. Though our marriage was never registered anywhere.

So now in 2020 I met this Pakistani guy here in Dubai in common friend circle. He proposed me by I denied since my cases were also going on.

Bt he was after me all the time to get settled. In 2022 because of some infection I had one surgery and doctor removed my one fallopian tube after which I was in constant fear whether I will be able to be a mother ever or not. I tried to wrap up my cases in India so that I can get married quickly and have babies but it didn’t work.

So last year this man told me since my marriage was never registered so I can get married by I denied bt I was ok wd live in relation and we started staying together and I got pregnant last march. After which he told me to get married in private and will disclose later once my cases are finished.

I wanted court marriage since I am a Hindu and I nvr wanted to convert.., bt as per him our relationship will not be halal in Islam if he don’t do nikah.., which I denied cz I never wanted to convert. After which he kinda blackmailed so I agreed for nikah for which he told me to make one video saying that I want to accept Islam., and later he will marry me as per Hindu custom also and in court also.

And he called smone on video we were on video and am ppl Frm karachi they asked me u accept this nikah which I accept to which they were supposed to send us sm papers for signing.. bt after 2 days of this video marriage he started beating me physically and showed his true colours .. so before those papers reached to me and I sign them and we register them in uae court or any court I saw his true colours and denied signing the papers.

Because he promised me that I Dnt need to change my beliefs, my religion and leave work and above all child’s passport would be Indian . Which he denied thereafter and every now and then started beating me and blackmailing me saying that he will contact my x husband and tell him abt the child and create problems fr me.

Anyhow now the thing is m blessed with baby boy this November and I want Indian passport for him to which I approached Indian embassy and explained them my situation to which they will help.

I need help with birth certificate pls. This man forcing me to sign marriage papers so that we give to hospital people to get birth certificate because hospital is asking for marriage certificate for issuing birth certificate.

Bt as far as I knw there is new law of getting birth certificate as single mother or mothers giving birth out of wedlock.

Can u help me in getting. Birth certificate and coordinate with authorities for their requirements.

I mean I don’t want this man’s interference anywhere. I simply want passport for my child with or without his name as father.

Please advise me the best solution for this.

As hospital not helping in this.

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Hello, Thanks for reaching out. Please contact me directly on 00971557198096 to discuss further and provide the necessary legal support. Mohand