posted 6 months ago
Get compensation from British Gas suppliers.
im off supply on my gas and have been since 17 january 2023 i have severe astmah and its getting worse. im a vulnerable adult with autism and learning difficuilties the company called british gas has kept me off supply with my gas and arent supporting me neither will let me switch now im suffering worse and my astmah is getting worse please help me get compensation for what they have done british gas keep objecting my switch when im under insolvency with there accounts and im trying to switch to uw utility. im frezing cold ….
  • United Kingdom

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posted 3 months ago
Hi are you due them any monies and what was the reasons for them to cut you off as yous classed as a vurnable person they should be doing everything to support you and why are they not letting you go to another company
posted 3 months ago
I kindly request the precise date you signed for on to British Gas. As well as any papers which could be the contract that was sent to you upon signing unto British Gas.
posted 3 months ago
Please may you confirm who is your gas supplier and who actually turned the gas off?