Ton Pon
posted a year ago
Fraud case years ago
What would happen to someone who had a fraud case 20 years ago, charged but never arrested. No prior criminal history. No drug or alcohol use. No speeding tickets, nothing. Happened in California.
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posted a year ago
If you were charged criminally, and you got a court date, and did not appear in court, then you have an active warrant. But like my colleagues above mentioned, without all the information and seeing the actual charging documents, it is hard to say. You should check to see if you have a warrant for failure to appear online. This will either rule out a warrant or be definitive proof you have a warrant.
posted a year ago
If you are sure that you didn't commit any offence, there is no reason to be bothered about any criminal allegation for which you were never arrested or invited by any law enforcement agency especially if you don't intend to sue your accuser(s) for defamation.
posted a year ago
Unfortunately the question provides inadequate information to account for the variety of outcomes. In order to get an answer you can rely upon, you will want to seek a California Lawyer (i am not one). i can tell you that generally most crimes have a "statute of limitations" which proscribes a time limit for the State to prosecute someone. In California, it generally is true that the Statute of Limitations for fraud of all kinds is 4 years. However (this goes to the missing information) - just because one is not immediately arrested does not mean that a case has not been filed. Likewise - the Statute of Limitations is "tolled" *this means paused* if the person is a fugitive who has left California and lived outside of California before the Statute Ran out. This means (if a fugitive) that they could be arrested and prosecuted whenever they go back to California (and the statute would begin to run). That is why I say, if the answer is really important to you - seek out a California criminal Defense attorney to give all the information to and get a answer you can confidently rely upon.