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posted 4 years ago
Forced to vacate property unable to make rent due to Covid
I have been forced to vacate the property I have rented during Covid as I haven't been able to make last months rent, is the homeowner legally able to do this?
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posted 3 years ago
If you’re having problems with your rented home because of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are: • conversations you can have with your landlord to end a tenancy, get repairs done or deal with rent increases • steps you can take if you’re struggling to pay your rent • temporary new rules your landlord must follow if they want to get you to leave or evict you • ways to get help if you’re homeless or can’t keep living in your home Your landlord is obligated to give you notice if they want you to move out - this is called ‘notice seeking possession. The government has changed the amount of notice your landlord has to give if you have: • an assured or assured shorthold tenancy - you’re likely to have this if you rent from a private landlord or housing association • a secure, introductory, or flexible tenancy - you’re likely to have this if you rent from the local council • a protected tenancy - you’re likely to have this if you started renting from a private landlord before 15 January 1989 • a demoted tenancy - you might have this if you rent from your local council or from a housing association If you don’t have one of these tenancies, the rules about notice haven’t changed. If you got the notice at any time from 27 March to 28 August, your landlord had to give you 3 months’ notice. If you got the notice on or after 29 August, your landlord had to give you 6 months’ notice unless: • you owed them at least 6 months’ rent • you aren’t allowed to rent because of your immigration status • you’ve committed antisocial behavior or a criminal offense • you told a lie to get the tenancy • someone you lived with has accused you of domestic violence or abuse and has moved out for more information, check this link: