posted a year ago
Family violence
Hi! I'm just wondering if I can get help reporting family violence in the Philippines? How I grew up, my grandfather would do a tiny spank and that should be okay, considering it was a norm here back then. But right now, it's my sister. Beating my mom, throwing different projectiles at us and even when defending her, it beating then comes to me. We've tried so many years to understand her, but I swear if you ask for the story, I'll give it to you. But right now, we don't know how to remove her from the house...
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posted a year ago
May I know if the abuser here is your sister? Is your sister a minor or not? If not a minor, then you can initiate a barangay/police blotter, stating the acts of physical abuse your family experienced with her. If you would prefer to file a criminal complaint, you can ask the police to assist you especially if any of the family mem suffered injuries. Make sure also to at least provide evidence of these beating, throwing, etc. and for the injuries-medico legal. Hope this helps.
posted a year ago
The first step in the enforcement of your human rights in this situation is making a formal report via phone distress call or written complaint/petition to the police. This is necessary in order to forestall further breakdown of law and order and possibility of irreparable damage to persons and properties. I believe that this is your primary interest since the alleged perpetrator of the violence is your family member. If you want the police to press charges or you want compensation, you can consult me for further advice!