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Fake CFI investigator
So my wife and her ex husband are going to court over some custody issues. The courts had ordered a CFI and required him to pay and to obtain the CFI of his choice. The CFI did her investigation and then failed to report sexual assault that our daughter had finally admitted to someone. My wife then reported this investigators license to DORA of Colorado. Now after several reports from other families and our report, DORA found out this woman is a con artist and actually never even went to college for psychology. DORA has suspended her license immediately and she is to never practice again, even though she never had a legit license to begin with. We're angry and wanting to sue her. Also considering suing the actual DORA agency because they're dragging their feet and not even sure if they're going to press criminal charges. The woman was charged in Texas a few years ago in Texas for embezzling money and she lost her realtors license for life. Nothing but a con artist this woman is and since Colorado DORA has discovered her to be a fake doctor she has since sold her house and I believe is on the run already or about to run. I know we have a case. Trying to find the best lawyer on a civil case against her.
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