posted 25 days ago
extradite from Texas- USA
I am wondering if the Virginia islands will extradite to Texas. Do you know of any states in the United States that will not extradite.
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posted 14 days ago
If an inmate committed a crime in Texas, and flees to the US Virgin Islands, the inmate will be extradited back to Texas. Extradition is based on the where the crime was committed, the situs of the offense dictates extradition, unless the cost of transporting the inmate in extremely high.
posted 15 days ago
Regarding your specific question about Virginia Islands and Texas, yes both states generally have extradition agreements with each other, so extradition is possible. There are a few states in the US that may have restrictions or limitations on extraditing individuals to Texas. State of California. While California generally cooperates with extradition requests, there have been cases where California has refused to extradite individuals to Texas due to concerns about overcrowding in Texas prisons and other factors. State of Oregon. Oregon has a history of being more reluctant to extradite individuals to other states, including Texas. The state's legal system places a high burden of proof on the requesting state, and extradition requests are carefully reviewed before being approved. Additionally, states like Vermont and New Mexico have been known to have stricter requirements for extradition. They may require a higher level of evidence or have specific conditions that must be met before agreeing to extradite individuals to Texas. I would be pleased to advise you further on extradition laws for a reasonable fee.