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posted 3 years ago
Extracting an item from a real game inside a comic
Suppose I make a webcomic, where at some point one of the characters wields a portal gun, similar to the one in Valve's "Portal"; in fact, the point is that this gun, in the comic universe, is extracted from the game (with magic or something like it). Can I legally do that, without getting permission from Valve? If not, is there a realistic way to ask for such permission?
  • Canada
  • Public Law

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posted 3 years ago
No, you are obliged to get permission from the original author, because according to Canadian law protects all original creative works,provided the conditions set out in the Copyright Act have been met. This means that if you own the copyright to a poem, song or other original work, you have rights that are protected. Simply put, the Act prohibits others from copying your work without your permission. For getting permission you have to get a license, Licensing is the process by which you give permission to another entity to copy and/or disseminate your copyrighted work. You may also officially register a licence with Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO).