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Explain how the contract between PE and Regalwas formed. Further, consider whether the contract is legally enforceable.
In August,Natasha of Platinum Events Ltd (PE) contacted various associates by telephone offering to sell all the decorations and left-over merchandise from the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.Having viewed the goods, Andy, a director of Regal Celebrations Ltd (Regal), agreed to buy all the goods for £50,000. Andy confirmed the arrangement by email on the 28th of August 2022. Delivery of the goods was anticipated to be by the end of September 2022. Following the Queen’s death on the 8th September 2022, there was immediate demand for some of the goods, including Union flags, which were in very short supply. PE were contacted by Richie at Grand Parades Ltd (Grand), who desperately needed flags for a funeral display. Natasha tried to contact Andy,who had not shown much interest in the flags, to see if he was willing to exclude them from the sale. Thinking Natasha had spoken to Andy, her colleague Matt, who was very sympathetic to Grand, donated 200 big flags, worth £10,000. When Natasha eventually reached Andy, she told him the flags were no longer available, but they would adjust the price accordingly. Seeing an opportunity to escape from the contract, Andy on behalf of Regal has refused to accept the remaining goods, and has written to PE to say that the agreement was ‘for all of the goods,or none’.
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posted 9 months ago
Please provide your contact details. i work with an international law firm and they would be able to advise you in detail on what you can do. Of course, the email with the details of the arrangement of 28th of August 2022 will have to be looked at as a first step.
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Thank you for providing your question. To provide advice on the legal remedies and the legal merits, please provide your contact details so that I may be able to contact you, copies of correspondence would also be useful to review