posted 6 months ago
Employed at an European Agency
I am employed at an European Agency, now for 9 months în probation period. After 5 months, i am now attending a training school , they made me an early probation report, with some invented reasons, and they want not to confirm my contract and terminate it.
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posted 4 months ago
Good afternoon, I am Magalhães Barbosa Júnior, a Lawyer from Portugal. From your report, you mention that you are employed at a european agency. As you can imagine, the labour laws differ from country to country. So, in order to assist you the best way, you must specify in which country you are working. Awaiting your reply. Best regards.
posted 4 months ago
Hello, my name is Miguel. Im a Solicitor from Portugal. From my point of view the first thing you need is be represented by a Lawyer/solicitor from your own country because the labor law is diferente for each country. we can assist you, but first you need to tell your current country.