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On the 15th of July 2022 at about 10.30 am there was an altercation between myself and my stepson and we ended up struggling and our heads clashed in the process. He was coming to attack me hence was protecting myself in self defence. I realised my wife came behind me and put her arm around me so my step son could hit me but I managed to wiggle myself from her grips. Then my wife went downstairs to call our next door neighbour my then I went into the bedroom to go pack my suitcases because I was leaving as enough is enough. It wasn't long the police came I don't know what was said between the police, my wife, neighbour and my step son. I want to note that the neighbour wasn't present when the alterations happened so if he did give a police statement that is wrong that is something I wanna find out. I was put in handcuffs and taking to the police station on arrival I did not speak to no custody Sargent or any one to explain to me why I am there and what my charges are. I was thrown into the cell from about 11.30 am that morning till about 10.30 pm before a duty solicitor and interpreter came and I was let out to go speak to them as the duty solicitor does not speak English and I Don speak Spanish hence the interpreter. My first question to him is why am I here and no one has spoken to me about taking statement or charges all he said to me is I should worry and should not answer anything today and tomorrow I will be going to court and I should sign some papers, but I keep saying to them I want to understand what is it I am signing they just not paying attention to what am saying. I then returned back to the cell without knowing what I signed for. All this time I have not eaten anything at all because I couldn't eat what was offered to me. The following day 16th July 2022 about between 10.00 to 11.00 am I was driven to a court in Denia the police station was in Javea .I waited in the holding cell for a very long time before I was called to go see the judge it has to be said I do not know who am taken to face judge or a registrar I don't know. The solicitor was there with the interpreter, I said to them again who is taking my statement and why no one wants to let me talk. They said to me don't answer to anything now Monday you will speak to the judge I am now beginning to fill frustrated and scared that omg I am getting crucified because all I know about criminal to court process is not happening second day no statement and no one heard my side of story. She gave me papers to sign still no one is telling me what it is. I was given restraining order from the Saturday till Monday and I should report to court on Monday at 11.00am 18th of July 2022. I was released from custody no he I was no money just in one clothes hadn't eaten for over 24 hours very horrible experience. I said to the Solicitor infact I just don't know what he is doing he is supposed to be looking after me but he did not say anything for me ,well he didn't even asked me what happened. (INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY) but in this case I was guilty before anything else and for what I don't know. Finally the solicitor said I should come half an hour early so he can listen to me I said you could have done that on Friday night when you came to the police station. Monday 18th July 2022 I got to the court and told my side of the story but I don't think he listened. Waited for a while. This time the solicitor said to me I will have the opportunity to speak with the judge when is my turn. After about 30 minutes he came and said the prosecutor is giving me 60 days community service, 14 months restraining order and fines but if I accept responsibility today I get 40 days community service, 12 months restraining order or if I don't and the case is adjourned I will go to jail he repeated that about 4 times then I am like omg he is threatening me I got scared and nervous. I said to him I have not given statement to no one the police or to you my solicitor and I haven't done whatever I am been accused off so he'll no I am not taking no responsibility of something I haven't done so yes I will go to face the judge. When I went inside the court she did not speak English to me everything through the interpreter and she wouldn't let me say a word it was awful experience because I think she was threatening me that if I don't take that deal I will go to jail next time I go to a different judge. My rights were taking away from me , my human rights was abused, I feel pressured I refused the deal but later they still keep telling I will go to jail in the next hearing. I couldn't think not in the right frame of mind having not spoken to my wife for 3 days nor eaten I was defeated beaten crushed and thrown under the bus, I have no more strength I just gave up under duress. Please I asked if please any of your colleagues could redeem me from all the inhumane treatments. Kind regards Samuel
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