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Domestic Violence Way Forward
Hi Just asking a legal point of view about this matter to have a clear mind for next action from a wife's point of view. About 2 months ago, husband hit his wife. police was called in and he was taken in for domestic abuse. was released next day but he has an order that he can not come to family house. The court hearing date is in January 2024. There are charges for damages to things , assault and abuse. Wife and 3 children are still living in same house which belongs to Husband's mother. and Husband has shown regret and also paying all the bills during these two months. Social services are asking wife to apply for a council house. Now the questions are: He wants to come back and live together. She wants to withdraw the charges and case and if not living together then will live at council housing. Can she withdraw the charges and case as date has already been set? If she withdraw the case , even then will hearing go ahead as scheduled and they will call wife for statement ? If they want to get together then what is the procedure for that? Please Advise. Thank you Kind Regards
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