Adenike Marquis
posted 9 months ago
Divorce advice
I have been unable to get a job and my husband has been abusive to me physically, emotionally, verbally and financially. He beats me and verbally abuse me in front of the kids. I am worried because he is now transferring agression to the children by shouting at them and beating them at every slight provocation. He also tells them alot to behave like white kids and do what other white kids are doing in school else he will beat them. I am worried because this is making my kids feel sad and less cos of their black skin color. I want a divorce, he also wants but don't want to start because of the financial implications. How to I take legal action to protect my children pls
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Family Law

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posted 9 months ago
Thank you for your enquiry and sorry to hear that. I would be happy to assist you with the required legal action to sort this out. You will not going to find anyone better than us in for this specific task. We are the best firm to do that. Please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience on my mob. No. 0504562734.
posted 9 months ago
I will be glad to help you to move forward from such a issue like this , but i would like to aske you a favor,kindly connecte with me on phone or Whatsapp because there's many details i have to know it before giving you the correct advice , my phone number is +971524781197. Thank you so much