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posted 3 years ago
Dispute within the previous contract and a new contract is signed now, which one is applicable?
A contract is signed in January which includes non-competes and IP clauses. A dispute begins around the non-compete and IP clauses in February. However, no legal action is taken and it is a simple discussion via email and in-person as to how to resolve the dispute. A new contract is signed in March, this new contract does not contain the non-competes and IP clauses, and also states: It is hereby agreed and declared that all contracts dated before this contract are superseded in their entirety by this contract. Does this then mean that, even though the dispute began on the previous contract, the dispute is no longer valid as the new contract has 'superseded' the old?
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posted 3 years ago
The former contract is no longer valid and the second contract prevails in the new disputes, however, if the subject matter of the mentioned dispute is concerned with the time when the former contract was valid, the first contract is still applicable.