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Dispute with a French regarding e-bay sale
Item was sold to a French buyer on eBay. The item was a car part that will only fit the Right Hand Drive variant of the vehicle. The buyer purchased the item, with this knowledge, and then attempted an eBay return, stating that it did not fit his Left Hand Drive car, since he is in France. The eBay return was closed in my favour. The buyer then raised a dispute with his bank, stating "he ordered the item, but did not receive the item he ordered." (Translated from french-english). The buyer has returned the item to me via Ups, prior to the outcome of the bank dispute. I have received an invoice from UPS, for an amount of £70.45, in order to receive the return, which I have not yet paid. The item itself was sold for £162. Is this a case worth pursuing, and if so, what are the steps to go about doing it, given the location difference?
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