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defamation in Kuwait
Hello Legamart I am an American citizen who is looking to sue a non American person/company. Am I able to sue a person (owner of a company I worked for 6 years) this person is not American and doesn’t live in the US? Lawsuit is against defamation and libel. Quick brief: This person had issued an official letter (signed and stamped by them and the company) with false accusations on me, they intentionally circulated it over to my customers and then had sued me in Kuwait court, after nearly 2.5 years of suffering, I won the case and received a final verdict from Court of Appeal that I am fully innocent. Throughout that time, my reputation got damaged because of what they did, since their letter went viral on WhatsApp groups, and no one was able to hire me, I stayed unemployed amidst covid and suffered on both psychologically and personally. I was also put on travel ban list for 2 years until the case is settled. This ban was made through their influence and not through the judge! This person is powerful, wealthy and so influential in Kuwait, they took advantage of their influence and never cared or feared of stepping on or destroying people!!! I actually find it hard to believe that this shall pass without them being punished. May you pls put me in the right direction? Please provide your contact to give you a call. I hope I can get an answer from you. Thanks
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posted 9 months ago
May you pls provide me with an update?