Cyber Bullying
Can I file cyberbullying or defamation to someone residing in Japan? Even if Im a Tourist for 3 months? If not Can my mother file on my behalf? Thank you
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posted 17 days ago
Yes you can enforce your human rights legally in any part of the world even if you are there for just three months as you stated in your question. My affirmation of your right in response to the first limb of your question makes the second question academic. Contact me for further assistance in this regard!
posted 2 months ago
The details provided here are not sufficient for a seasoned lawyer to intelligently answer your query. (Even if I'm a tourist for 3 months) QUESTION: 1. Are you a tourist here in the Philippines? or 2. Filipino, being tourist in Japan? 1. IF YES IN THE FIRST SCENARIO: you can file criminal charges only in your own country, or in Japan. 2. IF YES IN THE SECOND SCENARIO: you can file your criminal charges here in the Philippines, or in Japan. NOTE: This legal advice may vary depending on the content of the libelous statement being published by the culprit, and other circumstances that may pop out which is unknown, or undisclosed, to the answering lawyer this time.