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posted 7 months ago
Credit report deceased
I found out that my credit report mistakenly marked me as deceased, and it indicated that all of my credit cards were closed. I have a significant number of cards, so seeing that my bank accounts were supposedly closed really alarmed me. This happened while I was on vacation, and I was genuinely scared that my cards wouldn't function when I needed them. I attempted to contact the relevant parties, but it was also the Mother's Day holiday weekend, which added to my anxiety. My vacation turned into a nightmare, and I was in a state of panic. I made several attempts to reach out to the credit bureaus, but because of the holiday, they were all closed. Flying back home from vacation, I was filled with dread, worrying that my cards might not work. It was a terrible experience, and I desperately wanted to resolve the situation. All I have on deceased credit report is this resource Can someone help me with this and give me more professional advice?
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