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Hello, I took out a subscription for $297 a month for an online course on the 30th of March 2023. The company is located in California, USA. They stated in their Payment Plan Policy, that selecting the payment plan implies an agreement to complete all payments on time and in full until the total balance of $3,564 is fulfilled. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up with payments. The company sent me payment reminders by email in May, June, and July in 2023. Last week, 9 months after I last heard from them, I received an email from them warning me that they are going to take legal action against me. The email states: If you are receiving this email, it means you currently have an outstanding balance with us at the Brandon Lucero Brand. After attempting to contact you for 3+ months, we have not heard anything back. Because of this lack of response, we are now being forced to take legal action and report you to the credit and collections agency. If you would like to resolve this before we submit your claim, you have until April 30th to respond to this email. If we don’t hear from you by April 30th, we will move forward with the next steps. - Team Lucero Could you please advise me whether the company who are based in California, USA can take me to court in England? Thank you. Kind regards Jo Thomson

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