posted a year ago
contract termination without prior notice
I've been dismissed by my employer based in the U.K. I work online for his start-up company. The employer dismissed me with a lie saying the company is downsizing however that isn't the case and I can prove it. The employer also says they have given me 30 days' notice however I have been removed from the platform. I am no longer unable to make a living for the next 30 days while I search for other employment. I was fired immediately
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posted a year ago
Good afternoon, The employer could potentially be liable under two separate headings; "unfair dismissal" and "wrongful dismissal". In order to evaluate your potential claims against the employer, we need further information. Could you please provide us with your contract of employment, the communication between you and the employer, and any other information/documents which could be relevant? Kind regards, Sara
posted a year ago
Potentially you can have a claim. Please provide copy of your contract, evidence of any notice by employer, and reason for your dismissal.