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posted 2 years ago
Contract sign issue
I'm going to sell my house to a couple who want it under their both names but when they sent me the papers, there was the wife’s name just added with a pen, and i don’t think that’s legal, but they offered me a great deal for it and i don’t want to lose this contract, how can i manage it smooth and legally so they won’t change their minds about it?
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posted 2 years ago
It depends on the formalities requested by the jurisdiction where the transaction is conducted. E.g. in certain countries the property sale and purchase agreement must be in the form of a notarial deed, so it would be the public notary that takes care of these formalities, including double-checking that the titles are valid. I assume that by "papers" you mean a draft sale and purchase agreement sent by the potential buyer(s), as the house is yours. If this is the case, it sounds bizarre that they are not willing to amend a detail like this, so do watch out.